Behind the Lens

Me in 2018  (  Credit: Ben Wiebe)

Me in 2018 (Credit: Ben Wiebe)

Photography has been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. From the moment I got my first camera, a classic disposable camera, I've been capturing my life and travels in stills and video. I enjoy taking pictures of pretty much anything wherever I go, whether it be of scenery, landscapes, people or just interesting things that happen to catch my eye. As a hobbyist photographer, I really enjoy getting out with my camera whenever I can to take pictures of interesting places and events around me, as well as photographing my friends and family. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos here as much as I enjoyed taking them.

What I'm Up To

I am currently a 3rd Year Atmospheric Science Student at York University in Toronto, Ontario. When I'm not at school, I reside in Ottawa, Ontario. My interests aside from photography include technology, the weather and watching sports.